Chloe Wins Select Bitch in Central Florida

It’s always special to be awarded a prize by a breeder judge who really KNOWS what your breed is supposed to look and move like!

Erica Venier first noticed our little home bred Chloe last at the 2016 ACKCSC National in Normal, Oklahoma, where she awarded Chloe, KBPride LaPerle, Best in Sweepstakes. It was Richard Marquardt who so kindly guided Chloe confidently around that ring in such a fashion that Judge Venier saw Chloe’s potential.

What a thrill it was to learn that Chloe had caught the eye of a highly respected, seasoned breeder judge! As Chloe has grown, I continued to wonder how she would show as an older girl with stiffer competition.

Erica Venier again appreciated Chloe and awarded her Select Bitch at the Central Florida Kennel Club show on December 15, 2016. Thank you again, Judge Venier, for appreciating Chloe’s movement and conformation.