Moyola Sorcha Belle



CH (Champion) Moyola Sorcha Belle, aka "Bella", is a well-traveled young lady. She was born in Canada to breeder Caterine McKenna. Then as a puppy, she was sold to Martha Hernandez Hunt and moved to the Tampa Bay area of Florida, USA. Since Martha is a breeder of German Shepherds, Bella was raised with a family of German Shepherd brothers and sisters. As a result, Bella acquired a highly protective nature typical of the German Sherherd breed. She also picked up a tendency to be a little more vocal than most Cavaliers.

Co-owned by Meredith Johnson-Snyder (Rattlebridge Cavaliers, Galena, Ohio, USA) and Gayle Reardon (KilbridesPride Cavaliers, Sioux Falls, SD, USA), Bella has lived with both of her moms but now spends her days in Sioux Falls, enjoying her Cavalier brothers and sisters and her puppies.

Delightful and smart, Bella is a true joy and a great mom!

Date of Birth: 19 March 2012