Our Cavalier Kids

our Cavalier Kids are members of the family

Cavaliers Love to Snuggle!

The Cavalier wants nothing more to be with those he/she loves.

They are supreme snugglers and nuzzlers! Whether or not they have been trained for show competition, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are definitely house pets and members of the family. When our Cavaliers aren’t snuggling with us they are romping and tumbling with their brothers and sisters.

Simply put, Cavaliers love being part of the family!

You may wonder how we manage such a large family of Cavaliers in our own home. We have a dedicated pet room where each dog has his or her own crate and where all of the dogs can be safely contained when we have guests or workers in our home here at KilbridesPride. Adjacent to the pet room is an expanded romp and tumble area that includes our kitchen, informal dining and family room area. This is where we and our Cavalier family members spend most of our time.

We also use a wooden gate to keep the pet area separate from our sleeping quarters and the more formal areas of our home.

Cavaliers Need a Climate Controlled Environment

These little gems do not tolerate extremes in temperature and must be cared for in the same manner as a small child.

Cavaliers must not be left outside or in an enclosed car during periods of extreme heat or they will suffer heat prostration (heat stroke). Likewise, they need a warm, safe indoor environment during cold temperatures.

We firmly believe that Cavaliers belong in the family house, not the dog house. If this is not in keeping with your family’s plan, we recommend the consideration of another breed.