CH KBPride Ms Danner


American Kennel Club (AKC), Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club (CKCSC), USA






CH (Champion) KBPride Ms Danner, Blythe, is the daughter of our dear little Sophie (Wandris Make a Wish), and Kingsley (We-Syng Royal Etiquette). According to one breeder friend of mine, she is the overall ‘pick’ of our two recent litters.  Little Blythe is a carbon copy of her mother, Sophie, and a beautiful representation of her father, Kingsley, and grand-father, Maibee Make Believe.  She has energy to burn and is a best buddy of her brother, Wellington, who tries so hard to keep her in line.  Blythe loves romping with all of her brothers and sisters here at KilbridesPride Cavaliers. Another favorite pass time is chasing butterflies!

At the AKC 2014 Cavalier Nationals, Trudy Owens did me the honor of showing Blythe.  This was a real challenge since Trudy had never met Blythe.  An experienced breeder and Cavalier owner, Trudy coached Blythe to a Futurity 4th place win under Judge Lamont Yoder. 

Many thanks to you, Trudy, for graciously consenting to handle our little girl, Blythe.