Grand Champion

CH KBPride Etiquette’s Scottish Warrior


American Kennel Club (AKC), Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club (CKCSC), USA





Grand Champion

KBPride Etiquette’s Scottish Warrior, Wellington, is the signature product of his mother, Kinvaar Mile High Romance (Roma) and his father, We-Syng Royal Etiquette (Kingsley).  We think he actually resembles his grandfather on his mother’s side, Kinvaar’s Mile High Club (Miles), much more than he resembles his father or his mother. 

Never in a million did Wellington’s grandfather’s breeder, Ms. Debbie Kerr, think when she left Scotland, UK for a vacation in North America that she would end up showing two of her Cavalier grandchildren in the 2014 AKC Cavalier National.  At the tender age of nine months, Wellington began his show career with Grandma Debbie on the lead, achieving a First Place in the AKC Cavalier Nationals Sweepstakes class for 6-9 month old dogs under Judge David Frei.  Continuing under the tender guidance of his registered handler in the United States, Laura King, Wellington continued on to win a fourth place title in the AKC National’s 6-9 class under Judge Jeanie Montford. Thank you, Debbie Kerr and Laura King, for your willingness to gently and kindly handle our boy in his debut showings.

Wellington is a boy of lovely temperament and spirit.  He was enthusiastic about showing and had loads of fun with his aunties, uncles and siblings here at KilbridesPride Cavaliers in Sioux Falls. We have loved watching him continue to grow and mature.

Wellington loves being home at KilbridesPride with his sissies and his bully sticks and also enjoys occassional weekend getaways to Lake Okoboji, Iowa.