Grand Champion Platinum

We-Syng Royal Etiquette ROM


American Kennel Club (AKC), Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club (CKCSC), USA





Grand Champion Platinum

GCH (Grand Champion—Platinum) We-Syng Royal Etiquette, our amazing Kingsley, is a “one in a million” dog and truly the KING around our home. He has the drive and determination of a Grand Champion and the tender, loving heart of a devoted pet.  Indeed, we are sincerely grateful and indebted to breeders Nanette Wright and Pam Moesinger for allowing us to share the life of this marvelous dog!  It’s been a true opportunity and privilege!

Nanette Wright tells me that from day 1 that Kingsley could move.  She knew in her heart that he had the makings of a champion.  It was under Nanette that Kingsley actually earned his Champion status. 

Since the day that we welcomed Kingsley to his new home at KilbridesPride Cavaliers, we have thoroughly enjoyed watching him achieve his Grand Champion Platinum status through BOB wins such as Eukanuba Cavalier Best of Breed (BOB) in 2011 and Eukanuba Cavalier BOB 2012.  We were thrilled to see Kingsley compete, making his cuts, at the Westminster Dog Show in 2013 and we loved his achievement of #1 Cavalier in the AKC system in 2012.  Recently, the now ‘retired’ Kingsley won Select Dog at the 2014 AKC Cavalier National Show.  Overall, we could not be happier with all of Kingsley’s show ring accomplishments.  He and his best friend/registered handler, Laura King, are the perfect pair in the ring.  He is a courteous boy and she is a kind and sensitive handler.  

Outside the ring, Kingsley is outgoing and playful with our other Cavalier family members and he exercises care with our KilbridesPride Cavalier puppies in a warm and friendly manner. His primary purpose is to put his heart and soul into a project, be it within the show ring or as a member of our family.

Thanks to the careful pairing agreed upon by both breeders, Pam Moesinger and Nanette Wright, Kingsley has solid Cavalier conformation and has the ability to really ‘move’ when he travels about the ring. We have enjoyed seeing these traits passed on to two recent litters of beautiful Kingsley puppies. 

We at Kilbrides Pride are truly grateful to have shared in the life and accomplishments of this truly exceptional Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.