Grand Champion Bronze

Kinvaar’s Mile High Romance


American Kennel Club (AKC), Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club (CKCSC), USA, The Kennel Club (UK)





Grand Champion Bronze

GCH (Grand Champion—Bronze) Kinvaar’s Mile High Romance, is our precious little Roma Tomato.

Romance in the Mile High City??  No, actually the romance occurred in Scotland where Debbie Kerr had the wisdom to join her boy, Kinvaar’s Mile High Club (now owned by Ginger Harrison, San Antonio, Texas) with her own Lymrey Hi Society in Kinvaar.  When I met Roma in August of 2011, I was smitten with her and her sister, Dora.  At the time, I never dreamed that Debbie would allow Roma to come to live with us at KilbridesPride Cavaliers in the United States.  However, months later that is exactly what happened.  Roma and Daddy Miles traveled together from London to San Antonio.  Roma was able to recover after the long flight at the home of Ginger Harrison where I picked her up and flew with Roma in tow to her new home at KilbridesPride in South Dakota. 

When Kingsley was showing at the Halloween show sponsored by the Sioux Empire Kennel Club in the fall of 2012, Roma was beside herself with excitement.  She so wanted to watch the classes.  She and Leigha put their heads together to convince us that they had to go to the shows.  Neither of them ever thought we would actually enter them in the show, but we did.  Roma did very well in her very first US show.  Since that first show she has enjoyed many wins including Best of Breed at the Twin Cities Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Best in Specialty Show in January 2013 and earning her Champion status on 14 April 2013. 

Motherhood was also a calling for Roma. She gave birth to her first litter in August of 2013.  Roma was a champion whelper, giving birth to six puppies with ease.  My only complaint was that she elected to begin her labor and delivery at 11:30 p.m., giving birth to dear little Portia in the driveway of our home. 

All of Roma’s puppies were absolutely stunning so three of them continue to live with our KilbridesPride Cavaliers family. They have begun their own show careers, making their debut at the 2014 Cavalier National in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 

As of September 2021, Roma is still happy and healthy, the grand dam of the entire clan here at KBPride! She enjoys her days sitting on the window sill catching a few zzz’s and sunny rays. Her nights are spent on my pillow or at my feet in bed. We love you, dear Roma!!