CH Wandris Make a Wish


American Kennel Club (AKC), Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club (CKCSC), USA, The Kennel Club (UK)






CH (Champion) Wandris Make a Wish, Sophie, is our first ‘little pearl’ of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel girl. Sophie joined our KilbridesPride Cavalier family in December 2011, making the trip from London under the seat of an airliner with her new mom and dad. Fortunately, Sophie was raised with other Cavaliers in the home of her breeder, Ms. Alex Bubb, so entry into our home was a ‘piece of cake’. From the start, she has had full command of her surroundings and her brothers and is definitely ‘in charge’ around our house. Sophie has won a special place in dad’s heart and she is a regular with mom and dad at night when they are watching television in their bedroom and often spends the night snuggling ‘in tween’ the two of us.

We have enjoyed watching Sophie grow and develop as a young bitch.  Sophie achieved her Champion status in July of 2012 and had a very eventful journey home from Texas with ‘Her Man’, a dentist friend of ours. The two were companions during a difficult time when our friend’s diesel truck broke down a couple of hours north of San Antonio—the beginning of their very long journey to Omaha, Nebraska. Fortunately, the two were rescued by another friend, Cory, and her husband, Steve, who generously gave Sophie and ‘Her Man’ (Tim) a ride to Omaha from north Texas.

Sophie became a first time mom to three beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies on October 4, 2013. We are sincerely thankful to Ms. Alex Bubb for allowing Sophie to leave her English nest and come to America.  Alex continues to be a part of Sophie’s life in that she confers with Sophie’s mom on quite a regular basis. Thank heavens for the telephone and e-mail!  Thank you, Alex, for sharing both Gabby and Sophie with our KilbridesPride Cavalier family.