About KilbridesPride

It is our pleasure to welcome you to KilbridesPride Cavaliers, (sometimes referred to as KBPride)—a website dedicated to our beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

How We Got Started

Our Beloved Charlie, Forever in Our Hearts

Our family’s passion for this delightful breed of dogs began in 2003, when Charlie, our first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, entered our home and our hearts. At that time our family included an energetic, young Golden Retriever named Riley. Needless to say, Charlie and Riley got along famously!

When Champion Suesitna Midnight Express, our sweet Duncan, entered our household in 2008, we knew that we had become (like all other Cavalier owners we have met) hopelessly attracted to this heartwarming breed of affectionate and playful dogs.

You can see how much our family has grown when you read more about our boys and our girls. Most recently we have found ourselves bursting with pride as our Cavalier family members continue to gain national and international recognition in show competition.

Our Cavalier “Home”

Our Proactive Approach to Optimal Cavalier Health

KBPride provides a pro-active approach to ensure optimal health for our Cavalier family members. These measures include a one-time MRI at the age of two to check for syringomyelia, thorough hip and patella examinations, and annual eye and heart exams.  We’re proud to report that each of our Cavaliers is in excellent health!

We hope you enjoy visiting our website and getting to know more about our family of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Your questions, comments, and inquiries are most welcome—and we’d love to hear from you about your own precious Cavaliers!


Gayle and Tom Reardon, owners,
KilbridesPride Cavaliers
Sioux Falls, SD, USA

Want to Know More?

If you are interested in adoption or our breeding services, we would love to meet with you.