Choosing the Right Puppy

Cavaliers are truly ‘Love Sponges’!

Champion Lines

Our KilbridesPride puppies come from Champion lines. Each male and female in our home has seen the show ring and has been ‘finished’ with a minimum of a Champion status. Many of our girls and boys have also achieved the highly sought after Grand Champion status.

Breeding Considerations

Breeding Cavalier dogs requires careful consideration of each potential parent dog. As we look at the male and female being considered, the thought process of Kilbrides Pride centers upon the characteristics that are needed to better the Cavalier breed. No dog is perfect in every way.

We breed keeping the ‘Cavalier standard’ in our mind at all times. Our Kilbrides Pride emphasis is upon health, temperament and conformation. We understand that a dog’s show career will last only a few years. After the show career is completed, the dogs transition to their lives as parents, passing their physical and mental qualities down to their puppies, and as devoted pets.

Our puppies are raised in our home, around our family. We jokingly refer to their first ‘bedroom’ in our home as the Princess Suite which is actually our master bathroom. We begin training right after the puppies are born. We handle them each and every day, stimulating them and exposing them to the sounds, textures, smells of different environments. As the babies become older and more active, we expose them to tunnels and scaled ‘puppy playground’ equipment to develop their motor skills and coordination.

It is our goal to introduce the puppies to 100 things before they leave for their new homes at 12 to 16 weeks of age.

Potty Training

Regarding potty training, we first paper train our puppies. As they grow older, the puppies go potty outside just like the ‘big kids’ do.

By the time the puppies go to their ‘forever’ homes, they will have had their nails done and will have been bathed on a regular basis. They will have been wormed and will be ‘up to date’ on their vaccinations.

All puppies will have ridden in a car and are familiar with sleeping in a crate.

Health Exams

All puppies will have a health examination done by my veterinarian. Individual records are kept for each puppy and the record will travel to the puppy’s ‘forever home’ when the time comes.


At KilbridesPride Cavaliers, our puppies are duly registered with both National Cavalier Clubs.

Count on Us for Support

If you visit us at KilbridesPride Cavaliers and like what you see, we would be happy to mentor you, inform you of products, help you with training, and offer you support as you live your life in the company of one of our Cavalier babies.

We view puppy adoption as the beginning of a relationship with new friends and family.

Forever Home Placements

We try our best to give each puppy a good start in life. We try to match the temperament of our puppy with the lifestyle and needs of its ‘forever’ home. We believe that if you are consistent in training for the puppy’s first year you will have a dog you will enjoy being with for its lifetime.